Auto Lensmetro LM-1800PD/1800P Nidek


Descripción del producto

Auto Lensmetro LM-1800PD/1800P Nidek


  • Hartmann sensor with 108 multiple measurement points
  • Unique lens table expanding measurement range
  • Distortion check
  • Green light / UV transmittance measurement

Detailed Information

Hartmann Sensor with 108 multiple measurement points

An advanced measurement principle, that incorporates simultaneous measurement of 108 data points within the nosepiece, provides greater accuracy and reliability with easier and faster measurements.

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Unique lens table expanding measurement range

A unique mechanism of the lens table allows the nosepiece to partially enter into the lens table. The mechanical change enables easy measurement of near portion of progressive lens without taking the lens table off, even though the near portion is located on the edge of the frame.

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Distortion check

This function shows the lens distortion of glasses used by customers. It compares the vertex power of peripheral eight portions with the power of center portion in the nosepiece aperture. The degrees of deviation from ISO standards at the peripheral eight portions are displayed by colors.

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Green light / UV transmittance measurement

The LM-1800PD/1800P can measure the transmittance of visible light by using the green light source. This function digitally calculates the transmittance through tinted lenses such as sunglasses, which has been estimated only on feel until now. It can also measure UV transmittance in the range of 0 to 100% by 1 or 5% increments. The comparison of the two lenses can be easily displayed.

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